Commercial Property Managers

Reinvent the way your buildings are managed

Property Managers can now seamlessly get work done. Spend more time with tenants and proactively maintain your properties.

Tenant Experience Level + 95.7%
Improve Client Reporting + 92.8%
Increase NOI + 11.9%

Minimize property risk

Simplify the management of COIs. Automate compliance management for tenants and vendors.

Streamline maintenance

Automate all the maintenance for your portfolio to achieve real time visibility into what's getting done.


Enhance building operations

Simplify and digitize property inspections for building operators so they can complete their work better and faster.


Increase NOIs

Improve operational efficiencies to boost revenue and reduce operating cost.


Simplify tenant experience

Connect with your tenants and keep them informed. Easy to submit requests or receive updates.


Continuity of information

Have all the information for your properties in a single location. Access all building files faster.



Provide your tenants:

A safe and stress-free workplace environment.

A seamless way to communicate with the property management team.

A long-term business partnership.

Transparency, Data and Automation = Reduced OPEX + Increased NOI+ Job Satisfaction

eProp transforms how property managers run their buildings. Our solutions have been designed by real estate professionals based on their real life experience of the industry.