1. Set up a free of charge technology review meeting.

2. Our real estate experts will give you a personal advice about your current software. No obligation.

3. You review our software and select the best that suits your portfolio.

4. If you decide to implement eProp, our team will take care of all data import and transition, providing you with a ready-to-use solution.


Straightforward pricing plans


Easy to understand pricing plans to match your portfolio needs. All prices are in CAD.


$1 per unit/month

Designed to manage your entire Strata
or Homeowners Associations


Online Portal for Condo Users (Optional)

Ready to Use Maintenance Templates

Equipment Management

Centralized File Management

Purchase Orders

Real-Time Communication

Onboarding fee based on portfolio size


$0.01 - $0.02 per sq.ft. per year

Suitable for all NNN leases
Online Portal for Tenants

Automated Preventive Maintenance

Work Orders

Purchase Orders


Workflow Management

Advanced Analytics

Building Communication Templates

Insurance Management

Compliance Management



Easy to Use Interface

Onboarding fee based on portfolio size

Facilities management

$65 per user/month

Multiple Facilities/ Locations

200+ Preventive Maintenance Templates

Purchase Orders

Automated Work Orders

Users Ticketing Portal

Unlimited Equipment/ Assets

Facility Inspections

Onboarding fee based on porfolio size