Most powerful operations solution for office properties

Offer your office tenants technology that's built by commercial property managers to deliver services that will exceed their expectations.

Tenant Satisfaction +95.7%
Requests Completed +98.9%
Operational Efficiency   +97.8%

Continuity of information

Have all the data for your office properties in a single location.

Enhance tenant experience

Create a stress-free workplace environment for your tenants so they can focus on building a successful business.

Minimize risk

Manage all your certificates of insurance from a single place to ensure your buildings are always protected.


Provide your tenants:

A safe and stress-free workplace environment

A property they want to continue leasing

A long-term business partnership

Standardize the operations for your office properties with the next generation property management platform.

See how eProp will enhance tenant experience and improve NOI for your office portfolio.