• What is eProp?

    Managing commercial properties requires you to stay ahead of thousands of critical items daily.

    eProp was developed by ex-commercial property managers with more than 50 years of combined experience.;

    We understand all the challenges that property managers have because we came from the industry.

    eProp is the commercial property management software that allows you to be smarter, faster, automate may critical tasks and to be more in control of your commercial portfolio.;

    Any property manager using our platform will have the best tool to minimize the risk and maximize returns for its clients, focus on tenants and properties, not paperwork.

  • Is eProp suitable for my portfolio?

    Whether your portfolio is Office, Industrial, Retail, Shopping Center, Residential, Condominium, HOAs or other facilities, our system will be able to cater to your needs.

    eProp is not an accounting platform but a full operations platform to manage your portfolios.

  • Do I have to be a technology expert to use eProp?

    Absolutely No!

    We worked hard to include the most advanced features, but also created an intuitive interface for all the users, so there are no special skills needed to use eProp.

    If you can surf the web, you can easily use eProp.

    To see it in action, schedule a Free Demo.

  • What are the system requirements?

    eProp is a cloud based system therefore no special hardware requirements are needed.

    You will only need a web connection and web browser, and that's it.

  • How secure and private is eProp?

    We utilize the latest technology and comply with appropriate legislation.

    Our private servers are located either in Canada or US.

  • Can I use eProp on my preferred devices?


    We have created eProp to work with any type of devices:

    - laptops
    - tablets
    - computers
    - smartphones (Apple, Android, Windows)

    The software is smart enough to reconfigure itself based on the device that you use to access it.

  • How much control do we have over who sees what?

    You have full administrative control over all features, and you can grant password-enabled access to your employees, tenants or vendors.

  • How about added features?

    We always have new features on the way.

    Our goal is to refresh the software with 2 major updates per year.

    Your feedback is gold to us - you tell us what you want we we develop it.

  • How is the Customer Support?

    We're committed to helping you and your team by providing a self-service knowledge and detailed user guides.

    If you need to speak to us, one of our team members located in North America or Europe will be able to assist you 24x7.

  • Our company embraces sustainability - are you?

    Sure. We have designed eProp to be fully functional and usable without printing anything.

    Reducing your carbon footprint is part of our mission.

  • How do I get started?

    It's a simple process.

    1. Kickoff implementation your personal Consultant

    2. You provide us all the data to be loaded in the system (contacts, tenants, vendors, properties, maintenance schedules etc.)

    3. We quickly load all your information in your private database.

    4. After 1-2 weeks, we meet with your team for on-site training.

    As easy as that!