Facilities Managers

Facilities management made easy

Your all-in-one CMMS solution to manage work orders, track maintenance, assets or facilities requests.

Facilities Service Level +95.7%
Improve Compliance +92.8%
Reduce Downtime +11.9%

Minimize risk

Simplify the management of COIs for your vendors

Streamline maintenance

Automate all the maintenance for your facility to achieve real time visibility into what's getting done.

Enhance operations

Simplify and digitize all inspections for your team members so they can complete their work better and faster.

Work orders

Track all the work done at your facilities in one central location.

Simplify user experience

Manage all facilities requests from a single location to provide on time responses.

Continuity of information

Have all the information for your facilities in a single location so your team can access building files and plans faster.


Manage healthy and sustainable facilities:

A safe and stress-free workplace environment.

A seamless way to communicate with the facilities team.

A CMMS platform that gets the job done.

Facilities managers are running their buildings at peak efficiency with eProp.

See how you can reduce facilities expenses with an easy to use CMMS platform.