Condo & HOA

Seamlessly manage any strata or homeowner association with one powerful application

Cloud-based and feature rich software that will enable owners, council members or managers to maintain and enhance the value of their communities.

Better Records Keeping +85.9%
Maintenance Tracking +98%
Simple to Use + 100%

Building communication

Easy to notify all the residents, owners, council members about any upcoming work done at the property.

Streamline maintenance

Ready to use maintenance templates to achieve real time visibility into what's getting done.

Enhance building operations

Simplify and digitize all property inspections for building operators and engineers so they can complete their work better and faster.

Record keeping

Maintain all the building files in a single location. Everything is where you need it. Nothing lost or misplaced.

Expense management

Manage and keep track of all property expenses through a smart purchase orders system.

Continuity of information

Have all the information for your community in a single location so your team can access building files faster.


Provide your residents:

A safe and stress-free community.

A seamless way to communicate with the management team.

A robust solution to address their needs.

eProp is a comprehensive platform for condo and homeowner associations.

Find out how eProp helps communities manage their buildings and assets.