Switching from Excel files to Digital Property Management Operations

Switching from Excel  files to Digital Property Management Operations
Property Management is a complex business.
Any commercial property, residential building or government facility requires specialized skills to keep it running.
Just to manage a single property, one would need to know and keep track of financial matters, building operations issues, assets, tenant requests and much more.
Many companies still rely on Excel files to keep track of the maintenance schedules, contractors, POs, and a variety of other things.
To run a property efficiently, the Operations team requires all the data that sits in an Excel file to be available at their fingertips:
  • drawings, and general building information (sprinkler capacity, floor load capacity, ceiling height, roof type, insulation etc.) 
  • tenants’ information - what is their suite address, legal name, who are the emergency contacts etc. 
  • information about all the service agreements - expiration dates, prices, vendors’ insurance, contact information etc. 
  • possibility to manage all the insurances for tenants, vendors, and properties
  • capability to track all the assets related to the properties such as HVAC, roofs, glazing, dock levelers etc. 
  • automatically generate Maintenance Plans for all the assets 
  • view any communication with the tenants through a tenant portal 
  • possibility to view and generate purchase orders
  • generate and perform property inspections that can be easily referenced at any given time 
  • and much more.
As your portfolio grows, property management spreadsheets will become a challenge. Spreadsheets are useful for recording information, but they do not send out alerts if a property is overdue an inspection or maintenance.
Having reliable information available in real time is one of the key components needed to successfully manage any property.

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